IT Overload: Which Information Technology Software Is Best for Your Organization and Why?

Woman working on computer

Information technology continues to evolve at a swift pace, calling for constant IT transformations in savvy business environments. Utilizing the right information technology software can make all the difference when it comes to storing, analyzing, and gaining invaluable insights from all your electronic data. However, IT software is a broad term. How can you know […]

What Is Structured Cabling and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

You may have heard the term structured cabling and wondered how it could be beneficial for your business. But, most of the definitions you’ll come across online can be somewhat confusing. Structured cabling is more or less the data cabling infrastructure that ensures predictable performance while also allowing for flexibility and future addition. Fulton May […]

Establishing Successful Software Training Procedures

Laptop and coffee

Investing in a brand-new software solution will pay off only if you train your staff to use it without any loss in time, money, and productivity. And with today’s L&D professionals being so committed to developing more effective training policies, the only thing you need to do is research and implement. Here are a few […]

Digital Security Camera Footage Storage Procedures

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The type of digital security camera you’ll use depends on whether you need it for your home or your business, just as well as the size of your home and the type of business you are running. Whatever solution you choose, you’ll have to establish the best procedures for managing and storing your camera footage. […]

What We Do: A Day in the Life of An IT Consultant


IT consultants are often tied to a single location where they manage all their daily activities. Besides being skilled in both old and modern IT infrastructure solutions, an IT consultant has to keep up with the latest solutions and best practices across many industries. Most importantly, IT consultants have to possess excellent multitasking and communication […]

Common IT Challenges in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurant worker

Modern customers are expecting to see modern solutions in the establishments they visit on a daily basis. This forces restaurants to embrace the software and hardware solutions designed to streamline their workflow and enhance the customer experience. But in order to deliver a personalized guest experience and make clients happy with on-demand services, restaurants will […]

How to Secure Great IT Staff

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Many seasoned recruiters and HR professionals are facing the same challenges and difficulties when it comes to securing great tech talent. They lack the effective means of first finding the necessary staff and then approaching them in order to recruit them. Here, we’ll shed some light on how to effectively secure great tech staff with […]

3 Computer Hacking Myths To Be Aware Of

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To the everyday businessman, computer hacking seems extraordinary and amazing. We’ve seen endless Hollywood movies that show us how unique the circumstances behind hacking are, and we tend to believe that. But just as you don’t believe that every car just has to explode right after a small fender bender, you shouldn’t believe any other […]

Why Your Business Should Switch to the Hybrid Cloud

Cloud hosting

Cloud services are growing in popularity, but many people are still unsure about the safety of using public cloud services for their sensitive data, while they refrain from using private clouds due to their high cost. This is where the hybrid cloud comes into play. It can give you the best of both worlds and […]

Differences Between Disaster Recovery and Data Backups

Macbook and mouse

Disaster recovery planning is a crucial part of a business’s IT support strategy and is increasing in popularity as the risk of security breaches and network outages continues to increase. Oftentimes people confuse data backups with disaster recovery plans, with the misguided belief that backup is enough to constitute a disaster recovery plan. However, this […]

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