3 Computer Hacking Myths To Be Aware Of

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To the everyday businessman, computer hacking seems extraordinary and amazing. We’ve seen endless Hollywood movies that show us how unique the circumstances behind hacking are, and we tend to believe that.

But just as you don’t believe that every car just has to explode right after a small fender bender, you shouldn’t believe any other myths from the big screens.

There’s simultaneously more and less to hacking than we think, so let’s bust some of the most common myths that surround it.

The Only Target is a Big Target

Many people live in the comfort of knowing they’d never fall victim to cybercrime because they’re simply not significant enough or not wealthy enough. This common misconception has led to many easily preventable problems.

Governments, banks, and millionaires are not the only targets for hackers. They usually are the only targets we read about in the newspapers, but still.

If you think about black hat hackers the same way you do about everyday criminals, you’ll know that the easiest target is the most common target. Governments and banks invest a lot of money into cybersecurity, and it’s difficult to get around their firewalls.

Small to medium-sized business owners and reckless internet users who use easily guessed passwords for everything are the most common targets.

The fact of the matter is, most hackers aren’t after big money. A lot of hackers steal the average Joe’s personal information and pictures – the information they can use for trade.

Hackers Use Exotic Software

You might be thinking that hackers use hardware and software that even NASA doesn’t have access to, but once again, this is just a common myth. In fact, a regular computer is their most useful tool.

When someone wants to get into your business’s network, they can use a laptop and some easily available software to finish the job.

Another common misconception is that your computer will let you know if you’ve been hacked. The thing is, it could take a long time for you to notice a problem. You might notice a loss of connectivity or other similar problems, but that’s about it.

Cybercrimes are more common than most people like to think, and for someone to hack your network, they don’t need any specific specialized equipment.

All Hackers are Experts

A hacker could be a genius with a Ph.D. in computer science who wants to shape the world in their image, or more likely, it could be a teenager having some fun trying to mess with your system.

The thing is, hackers are usually not prodigies that have a very unique and specific set of skills. Anyone can learn basic hacking knowledge by doing a simple Google search. Generally, it’s as easy as hackers installing software that finds vulnerabilities in your network.

Hacking is not as unique as you might think, and every business owner should invest in a good firewall that will ensure that their data is safe. For help doing exactly that and managing your cybersecurity on a daily basis reach out to Fulton May Solutions today!

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