Why Your Business Should Switch to the Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud services are growing in popularity, but many people are still unsure about the safety of using public cloud services for their sensitive data, while they refrain from using private clouds due to their high cost.

This is where the hybrid cloud comes into play. It can give you the best of both worlds and switching to a hybrid cloud gives you many benefits. Let’s take a look at everything the hybrid cloud has to offer for your business.


For a growing company, building an IT infrastructure for a private cloud can be extremely expensive, and it’s difficult to predict its scale. A hybrid cloud service can minimize the costs by giving you room to grow.

When you have your own storage space and you combine it with public cloud services, you maximize your initial IT investments and benefit from the latest cloud computing developments.

Most public cloud services charge a small monthly fee, and you usually only pay for the amount of storage that you use. This allows you to scale out to public clouds based on your workload, and you can optimize your performance and efficiency.


Businesses are increasingly allowing their employees to work from home, while they travel, or simply away from the office. It’s beneficial to both workers and employers, since everyone has more freedom, and costs are greatly reduced.

Therefore, relying on a private cloud only is very limiting for a business, since employees cannot access the cloud from unknown devices, or while they’re away from the office.

With a hybrid cloud environment, you can keep the sensitive data private, while allowing the necessary data to be accessed from anywhere your workers are. The hybrid cloud gives you the flexibility and security that you need.


Speaking of security, you don’t need to worry about it with hybrid clouds. While public clouds do offer high security, they can still be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection, and this brings some safety concerns.

Certain businesses have to ensure the highest security for their crucial data, and therefore, have to invest in private storage solutions. This is where private cloud servers come into play. Not everyone can access private clouds, and this is the perfect place for your critical data.

Hybrid clouds can give your business the necessary security while allowing for flexibility. You can store all your sensitive information and data in your private cloud while using the public cloud for daily routine and workloads.

Growing at Your Own Pace

Cloud computing can be intimidating at first, and people and businesses need time to adjust. This is where hybrid clouds come in handy because they allow you to slowly transition from private storage space into the public cloud and vice versa.

You can start off with uploading a small workload to the public cloud and test it out. Find out what works for your business, what data are you comfortable with leaving on the public cloud, and what data do you need to keep on your private servers. You’ll need to strike the perfect balance.

You don’t need to commit to public clouds, you can easily expand your presence there, or scale down, it’s all according to your needs.

Hybrid cloud computing is the future of storage solutions. For help implementing the hybrid cloud for your business, reach out to Fulton May Solutions today!

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