What We Do: A Day in the Life of An IT Consultant


IT consultants are often tied to a single location where they manage all their daily activities. Besides being skilled in both old and modern IT infrastructure solutions, an IT consultant has to keep up with the latest solutions and best practices across many industries.

Most importantly, IT consultants have to possess excellent multitasking and communication skills as they often end up being contacted to assist in any stage of the project lifecycle. Here is how a typical day in the life of an IT consultant looks like.

8 – 10 AM

This is usually a time when an IT consultant arrives at the office. The first thing on the agenda is the schedule for that day. Quite often there are meetings with clients and consulting partners on the schedule, and the IT consultant has to prepare for these meetings.

An IT consultant has to research the clients’ firms, asses their business needs, and identify the IT solutions capable of resolving their pain points, optimizing workflow, and ultimately make their clients happier.

This is usually the time when clients and colleagues call to schedule appointments or to receive a word of advice. After printing out all the necessary documents for the meetings, the IT consultant is ready to start hitting those meetings on the schedule.

10 AM – 3 PM

At 10.00 AM, the consultant usually leaves the office, with his mind sharp and his hands filled with project related documents. These projects can range from expanding WiFi reach in a company that has recently opened new offices to website development and project provisions to make sure everything runs according to very specific guidelines. An IT consultant never knows what he may encounter, this is why he has to keep tabs on the broad specter of developments in the IT sector.

All those meetings with clients can be about any stage of a project or potential project lifecycle. Oftentimes, these meetings consist of pitching a project to a client which requires an IT consultant to be able to layout the project plan down to every detail.

3 PM – 5 PM

Once the meetings with clients and partners are over, the IT consultant retreats back to his office to inform other in-house teams of current developments. If there is any work that has to be done on ongoing projects, this is the time to get to it. Once they clear all the critical tasks from their to-do list for that day, IT consultants are ready to go back to their lives.

This is just an approximation of a usual day of IT consultant. Their workflow is subject to change, as it depends on how big the team they cooperate with is, the influx of new clients, and unpredicted challenges. If you’re looking for a reliable IT partner, reach out to Fulton May Solutions today!

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