What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Affect Cyber Security?

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You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and other digital forms of cryptocurrency. It’s believed that cryptocurrencies like this will change the future of global finance, which affects how we secure these securities in the future. But with a rise in cryptocurrency, comes the added risk of cybercrimes that only proper crypto cybersecurity can solve. There are […]

IT Overload: Which Information Technology Software Is Best for Your Organization and Why?

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Information technology continues to evolve at a swift pace, calling for constant IT transformations in savvy business environments. Utilizing the right information technology software can make all the difference when it comes to storing, analyzing, and gaining invaluable insights from all your electronic data. However, IT software is a broad term. How can you know […]

What Is Structured Cabling and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

You may have heard the term structured cabling and wondered how it could be beneficial for your business. But, most of the definitions you’ll come across online can be somewhat confusing. Structured cabling is more or less the data cabling infrastructure that ensures predictable performance while also allowing for flexibility and future addition. Fulton May […]

What Are Common Categories of Cybersecurity Threats?


Cybercriminals tirelessly look for new ways to breach various security systems to steal sensitive data. However, many of them stick to what they know to be effective, so you should be fully aware of the common threats in the cyber world. Knowing what threats may be lurking around the corner will help you avoid them […]

What Is the Best Video Intercom System for Business Security?

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When running a business, security is one of the most important things to consider. You need to take proper cyber-security measures to keep all your data safe and secure, but you also need to make sure your physical security is up to par. This is where video intercom systems can help. Here we’ll introduce you […]

IT Services vs. IT Consulting vs. Software Consulting

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Over the years, the IT industry has been evolving rapidly. Today, you can find a lot of different services on the market including IT services, IT consulting, and software consulting companies. If you want to reach your business goals and objectives, you have to know which service can benefit you the most. But this can […]

What Defines a Successful IT Consulting Company?

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Building a successful IT consulting business is a challenging task. The competition alone is ruthless. In order to cut through the noise, you will have to build your IT consulting business with the strongest possible foundation. And it can be hard when you don’t know where to start. To start your journey properly and ensure […]

Cybersecurity Threats Specific to a Remote Workforce

Remote work is no longer a new concept, and more and more people work this way daily. At the same time, a growing number of companies allow employees to work remotely. Some companies may completely rely on remote employees. Even though this type of business operation carries many benefits, certain cybersecurity vulnerabilities go along with […]

2019’s Vulnerable WordPress Plugins to Avoid

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WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It powers millions of websites worldwide, and a vast number of people use it every day. A main reason why so many people use it is that it has great security and many plugin options. However, this doesn’t mean that WordPress is completely secure, and it […]

Important KPIs for Business Cybersecurity

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It’s 2019, and almost everyone is online these days. But many people still forget about the importance of cybersecurity. This goes for both business organizations and individuals. Even though many companies are making steps towards securing their online and IT assets, they still have a long way to go. A lot of companies simply don’t […]

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