What Is the Best Video Intercom System for Business Security?

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When running a business, security is one of the most important things to consider. You need to take proper cyber-security measures to keep all your data safe and secure, but you also need to make sure your physical security is up to par. This is where video intercom systems can help.

Here we’ll introduce you to how video intercoms can enhance your current business security and the best models currently available:

Why Utilize a Video Intercom System?

These systems are designed to help you enhance your business security, and make sure your office or commercial building, and everyone in it, is always perfectly safe.

Since you can see every visitor before you allow them access, you can easily identify potential intruders. Moreover, you can actually prevent crime, as video intercom technology won’t exactly encourage criminals to try to break in.

Video intercoms are also great for improving communication in the office, of between offices. They support video calls, so you and your staff can communicate more efficiently, without the need for phone calls or emails.

So, what’s the best video intercom system you can use for your business security? According to various customer reviews and experiences, the following solutions seem to be doing the best job at enhancing business security, so check them out:

WI Series Wireless Intercom Radio Video Intercom System

WI Series Wireless Radio Video Intercom from BEC Integrated Solutions functions like any wired system because it doesn’t necessarily require an internet connection. It essentially uses Wi-Fi, but it can operate using radio frequencies, which can be quite useful in case of a power outage.

This system comes with up to 3 portable 7-inch wireless intercom systems that enable you to monitor your business premises remotely, and even capture photos of every visitor.

WS1 Series Wireless Intercom Video Intercom Door Camera Station

WS1 Series Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station is another great solution from BEC. It requires a wireless internet connection and lets you monitor your office remotely. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and includes a PIN keypad, a night vision IR lamp, motion detection, tamper alarm functions, and many more features.

It also allows you to capture images, remotely unlock the door, and connect the system to multiple doorbells. This is a great video intercom system for smaller businesses.

Schonell Interphone

The Schonell Interphone might be the most advanced video intercom system available. It comes with a variety of smart IoT solutions, such as Interphone Classic, Interphone Hybrid, Guard Interphone, Interphone Zero, and Interphone 2, all compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The best solution for business security might be the Interphone Hybrid. It supports up to 10000 users, provides live wide-angle 4G video feed, has a hemispheric camera with night vision and IR filter, allows on-demand HD video recording, and much more.

WS2 Series Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station

WS2 Series Wireless Video Intercom Door Camera Station is another component of BEC’s wireless intercom video intercom systems. This is a bit more advanced solution than its WS1 Series counterpart but essentially has all the same features.

It also requires reliable Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t have a PIN keypad on its outdoor station unit. It’s a single-button call door station equipped with a camera, microphone, and everything else a reliable video intercom system needs to have. This solution is also great for smaller businesses.

BE Series CAT5 Video Intercom System

Another BEC solution, BEC Series CAT5 Video Intercom System is perfect for large businesses, as it supports up to 300 monitors, 16 entrances, and almost 10,000 users.

It comes with CAT5, CAT6, UTP5E, and Fibre optic wiring, which is precisely what makes it very reliable and durable. Its CCD cameras and night vision functions are of excellent quality, and each unit has a card reader and a PIN keypad. It can also store up to 100 latest photos for future proof.

Whichever video intercom system you choose, you need to have excellent IT security, which is why we’re here. Fulton May Solutions is your trusted IT partner for managed IT services in Chicago and maintaining your IT infrastructure and enhancing your business security. Contact us today to get your free IT assessment.

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