What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Affect Cyber Security?

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You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin and other digital forms of cryptocurrency. It’s believed that cryptocurrencies like this will change the future of global finance, which affects how we secure these securities in the future. But with a rise in cryptocurrency, comes the added risk of cybercrimes that only proper crypto cybersecurity can solve. There are […]

What Are Common Categories of Cybersecurity Threats?


Cybercriminals tirelessly look for new ways to breach various security systems to steal sensitive data. However, many of them stick to what they know to be effective, so you should be fully aware of the common threats in the cyber world. Knowing what threats may be lurking around the corner will help you avoid them […]

What Is the Best Video Intercom System for Business Security?

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When running a business, security is one of the most important things to consider. You need to take proper cyber-security measures to keep all your data safe and secure, but you also need to make sure your physical security is up to par. This is where video intercom systems can help. Here we’ll introduce you […]

Cybersecurity Threats Specific to a Remote Workforce

Remote work is no longer a new concept, and more and more people work this way daily. At the same time, a growing number of companies allow employees to work remotely. Some companies may completely rely on remote employees. Even though this type of business operation carries many benefits, certain cybersecurity vulnerabilities go along with […]

2019’s Vulnerable WordPress Plugins to Avoid

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WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It powers millions of websites worldwide, and a vast number of people use it every day. A main reason why so many people use it is that it has great security and many plugin options. However, this doesn’t mean that WordPress is completely secure, and it […]

Important KPIs for Business Cybersecurity

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It’s 2019, and almost everyone is online these days. But many people still forget about the importance of cybersecurity. This goes for both business organizations and individuals. Even though many companies are making steps towards securing their online and IT assets, they still have a long way to go. A lot of companies simply don’t […]

Password Protection Tips for Small Businesses

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We often see headlines and breaking news about cybercrime hitting big companies in devastating ways. For most small businesses this is not a concern, as they think that there are no similar threats to their organizations. Even though this might be somewhat true, it’s not 100% certain. Of course, oftentimes, advanced level hackers aren’t going […]

4 Ways to Ramp Up Your Cybersecurity in 2019

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In the past couple of years, cybercrimes have made headlines around the world. You might be thinking that only large enterprises and famous celebrities fall victims to cyber-attacks and that you have nothing to worry about, but this is a dangerous misconception. Hackers can steal data from your computers and smart devices, wherever you are. […]

What is Ransomware?

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What is Ransomware? Ransomware programs were released in the beginning 2013 that targets all versions of Windows computers, and most recently Apple Mac computers. These ransomwares will encrypt files using a strong encryption that is almost impossible to crack. When it has finished encrypting your files, it will display a Ransomware payment program that prompts […]

Which IT Security Threats Are Most Common?

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While internet security continues to develop, so do the many threats that face users today. Cyber attacks may be inevitable for many users and businesses alike, but there are ways to counter them through the use of sufficient security measures. These are among the most common cyber threats that companies and individuals are likely to […]

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