5 Reasons Why Managed IT Services are Crucial to your IT Strategy

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Development and implementation of an IT strategy is crucial to further advancement of your organization’s ever-growing performance goals. However, this task is hindered by a stagnant or diminishing budget. It can be overwhelming for IT managers to maintain a feasible budget for their business in conjunction with ensuring the performance, security, and operational goals are met. Budgeting experts advocate a predictable cost model such as managed IT services in Chicago.

1. Predictable cost structure

Costs for an IT department include—but are not limited to—equipment, personnel and training to keep up with industry standards. Managed IT services incorporates these costs into one predictable monthly charge. With the expansion and evolution of your business, this single monthly cost can be scaled to meet business demands and address out-of-scope work.

2. Advanced risk management

The insurance industry calculates risk and promotes that insurance provides you with peace of mind. Managed IT services reflects that very same assurance. Coverage can include:

  • Any combination of coverage for the LAN, WAN, proprietary systems, user management or monitoring and alarms.
  • Extended support models provide various levels of support (24×7, 8×5, on-incident, custom) that cater to a variety of business needs.
  • Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) provide proper documentation, which can help mitigate sudden loss of critical IT personnel.
  • Transferring incident response and other certification requirements, such as HIPAA for healthcare and PCI-DSS for financial institutions.

3. A shift in focus to your core business:

Building and progressing a business has enough challenges as it is. Building and maintaining fundamental IT infrastructure can be just as daunting. Companies choose to outsource their IT to a third-party MSP to then concentrate on revenue-generating initiatives.

4. Future-proof strategy:

The future holds an abundance of technical challenges for the security and operation of your business. Delegating the task of maintaining infrastructure parallel to current industry developments gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your organization. Managed IT support is staffed with specialists that handle basic routers and firewalls to complex network environments and support. Let the experts focus on your company’s adaptation to market demands, while you dedicate your time to growth and achievement.

5. Better value:

Value of your business operations is crucial to success and customer satisfaction. Value is the outcome that weighs your investments. Managed IT services models have evolved over time through the hard work and commitment of many integrators and providers. Dedication to the perfection of its delivery resulted in benefits and features that greatly contribute to the equilibrium and profit of your company. Lower monthly costs, constructive operations, expert skill sets, more stringent service level agreements (SLA’s) and attractive service level objectives are just a few notable examples from an abundant list.

IT is at the core of most businesses; it is the underlying business engine. Your company could be investing substantial capital on building in-house operations for hardware, software and the skills required to maintain them.

However, the onsite IT staff may be limited to certain operations that are less modern, and a lot rarer, than the wide-array of operations needed for managed IT services.

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